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Galaxy Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers a variety of medical alert systems to ageing and at-risk individuals. Here’s what our clients have to say:

Chris was, is amazing. I needed to understand what we were getting for my Mom. I researched and researched, so so so many options. I saw an article that mentioned the Galaxy system was top notch. Chris explained, and ensured me this was the one I needed. He was right. And whatever is said, honestly it's for my Mom's safety, she's 91 and that is the most most most important thing. Let's never forget this, why do we create these systems ... to help our Elders. 🙂


I would like to extremely commend your dispatchers that looked after my mom’s fall on the early morning of Thursday Oct 27th – she did press the button and your dispatcher did manage to hear her from a distance.. great kudos to your team and particularly your system!
My mom was very hesitant to get an emergency button for years but now truly appreciates the system! Or she would have been on the floor for over 6 hours.

Thanks once again to you and your Galaxy team! Bravo!

John PostnikoffCastlegar, BC

Thank you for your medical alert button. Your system worked perfectly, however my father is being transferred to a long-term care nursing home after falling and breaking his hip, so he will no longer require your unit. I am returning your hardware in the hope that you may re-use and/or recycle them.

Again, thank you for your system. We were mot pleased with it. It performed exactly as expected for the several instances that occurred. It gave us peace of mind that assistance was immediately available. We would highly recommend your system to all prospective users.

Sandy Shysh

Please acknowledge my sincere gratitude regarding the Galaxy Medical Alert System. You were so helpful. I encourage seniors to choose Galaxy for their safety needs.

Florianne Fournier

The Medical Alert Button gave me peace of mind. I knew my husband would be able to get help while I was at work or any time of the day. Every time the button was pressed or dropped someone would call back to ask what they could do for us. Just knowing someone was there for us during his illness made a big difference for me.

Kathy Simmons

We have been extremely pleased with this system as well as the friendly and helpful attitudes of all of the people involved in getting the system up and working. Whether it is a planned testing of the system or an "accidental" triggering, the response has been immediate, professional and courteous.

We feel much more at ease helping my elderly mother maintain her independence with the assurances that help is always available 24 hours a day.

A special Thank You to Chris for getting us set up.

Terry VanAntwerpPurchased Home System with Fall Detection

On Friday, April 29 at 10:45 p.m. I received a call from your company to say that my mom had fallen. Thank you!

My mother was very reluctant to accept the service offered by a medical alert company. Today, my family and I acknowledge that mom would have spent the night on the floor without your assistance. She suffered a fractured wrist and shattered her orbital bone.

That evening everything unfolded as it should. When mom’s alarm went off, she was immediately contacted through the speaker unit in her bedroom. My mother responded that she could not get up, or in fact, move. I also received a call and was notified of the situation. An ambulance was dispatched, they accessed her apartment through the key in the lockbox and they took mom to Emergency.

We are very grateful that you offer this service. It was an issue in the beginning to help my mother appreciate the effectiveness of your service, but she now always wears her medical alert. Mom has now recovered well and wants to continue to live independently. Your alert system is a lifeline.

With great appreciation!

Wendy Humenny

A couple of months ago I signed up for the Galaxy mobile medical alert system. I consider getting a fall alert pendant before, but I wasn’t ready. I fell in the middle of the night, prior to getting the Mobile medical alert system. That fall motivated me to get something to protect myself. Especially as I live alone and have MS.

I have to say I felt a sense of relief from the moment I ordered the system after talking with Chris. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Once received it was easy to set up. The lock box, provided by Galaxy didn’t work on my front door handle. However, the box was able to be attached below the railing on a spindle at the top of the stairs. I know the system isn’t going to stop me from falling, but I do feel a sense of security knowing that help is available should I need it.

Thank you Chris and the Galaxy team for providing me with peace of mind.


Hi Christine,

Thank you for your quick reply and processing of a refund on Mom's credit card.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and staff at Galaxy Medical for the excellent customer service in setting up the alarm pendant for Mom while she lived alone. It provided peace of mind for my mom and my family knowing help was only button away. She has since moved into a retirement home.

Thank you.

Kim Blemkie

Hi Chris.

I had occasion to use the services of Galaxy Medical Alert on July 17, 2021 after experiencing some breathing difficulty. The lady who responded was very professional, efficient and comforting. The ambulance and my contacts arrived very quickly. My family and myself are happy that I have this system; it gives all of us peace of mind. I have shared my satisfaction with many people.

Many thanks.

Karen Packer

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to touch base and tell you that we had an accidental activation today. The operator had knocked it off her desk and did not realize. It worked out for us because it proved out the systems viability. In under 1 minute the ERU and security medic were on site, the text worked perfectly and the phone call triggered the ”all channel” alert. After realizing it was a mistake we have scheduled a debrief but the Manager and Safety dept. were impressed with the response. Thanks again for helping keep us safe, pass it on to your people for a job well done.

Pat HobbsMobile System with GPS & Fall Detection (Lone Man Worker Alarm)

Great product, great service. They shipped it on Thursday and we were up and working the next day. We are using the GPS device – no phone line needed. Thanks!

Christiane KokkoPurchased Home Cellular System

Mum received her medical alert the other day and after a couple of days seems willing and able to use it if she needs to. In fact she said it has made her feel "lighter" knowing that if she does need help because of a fall, or medical emergency, all she has to do is press the button. She was very impressed that two people answered at the same time when she accidentally pushed it and was quite comforted at that thought.

I also feel "lighter", like a weight has been lifted. Thanks so much for your excellent service in providing these devices.

SandyPurchased Home System

I was over to visit Mr. Ken Price on Saturday to replace his pendant battery. Mr. Price never wanted the unit to begin with, but his son in law and daughter insisted he get one. One day last fall he had fallen and was laying between the house and a wood box. A place where know one could see him. He believes that if it weren’t for his fall alert pendant that he would have “froze to death” that night. With a big smile he told me it saved his life.

Stacy Dykeman

I just wanted to thank-you so much for your most excellent service, since you connected Mom’s medical alarm in March 2011. The connection was simple, quick & easy and every detail of how things would work was explained in detail.

Mom recently passed away at 92 years of age, still lived in her own home, and my siblings and I, had the comfort of knowing that, you were only a press of a button & call away. On November 12th, Mom did press her wristband button when she fell in the bathroom, and you immediately sprang into action. My brother arrived 10 minutes later and ambulance right behind. It was Galaxy Medical Alert Systems awesome service that saved my Mom’s life that night. I will be forever grateful to you and Galaxy Medical Alert Systems for that. I would highly recommend your service to anyone with elderly parents or loved ones, or indeed anyone who lives alone who may be at risk of falling, or need instant medical attention. Throughout the almost 3 years we had your service, you periodically tested the equipment to ensure everything was working properly, and promptly returned any of our calls when we had questions.

Thank-you Chris Bertelli & Galaxy Medical Alert Systems.


Sharon PopePurchased Home System

Just a quick thank you for all your outstanding service. This is the best product for my needs hands down and the sense of well being I now have is wonderful.

Thank you again!

P.S. A special thank you to Roy.

turfguyPurchased Home System with Fall Detection

Dear Chris,

First of all, let me thank you for making my difficult decision seamless. Because my step-mom has fallen while alone in her apartment, at the age of 91, the time to look into a medical alert system became "today", no longer "tomorrow". You were helpful throughout our entire process: choosing the appropriate medical alert device, installing it, learning to use it, and testing it.

Later, when my step-mom actually used the system on two different occasions, it worked perfectly. Help arrived within minutes. (She was fine).

She has now moved into assisted living. Thank you for extending the time that she could stay in her own environment. It was very important to her.

With deepest gratitude,

Zoë Elva PutnamPurchased Home Cellular System

I'm writing this letter to let you know the service provided for Marjorie was excellent. I would recommend this service to any one. The men were very polite and helpful.
Also, the price was excellent. Not being charged to be disconnected - great.

Sharron Paquette & Marjorie Musso

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