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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy applies to personal information that is collected from you through our website only.

Uses of Your Health Care Information:

Your health care information shall be provided to organizations in your treatment and/or safety. Health care information, including but not limited to, information you provide via the med-connect service or our website, may be provided at our discretion to individuals responding to assist you in an emergency. It is important to keep your health care information updated and current so that Galaxy Medical Alert Systems can provide accurate information to first responders and emergency personnel. Personal and health care information may be provided to our business associates in order to invoice agencies or providers for services rendered on behalf of the agencies members.

Disclosures of Health Care Information:

In certain situations, it may be necessary to disclose health care information under Provincial and State legal regulations, such as Adult Protective Services. Galaxy Medical Alert Systems will comply with the Provincial and State laws and will notify the member of said disclosure.

Your Rights:

To access your health care information, please contact the Privacy Officer. An access request form may be obtained by contacting the Privacy Officer at 1-855-905-7414. Access shall mean: the right to see data, the right to request amendments to the data, the right to the accounting of disclosures made by the provider, the right to place restrictions on uses and disclosures, and the right for the communications to be confidential. The Privacy Officer will respond to your requests in writing within (60) sixty days. If your request is denied, you may request an independent review of your request. The independent review form may be obtained by contacting the Privacy Officer at 1-855-905-7414. The independent review form is to be submitted to the Privacy Officer. The independent review will take place and be responded to within (60) sixty days.

If you have any questions, comments, compliments, or complaints, please call Galaxy Medical Alert Systems, Inc., at 1-855-905-7414.